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11.28.2009 | Youtube-Videos

Here are some videos from DoveZ and other projects I'm working on:





11.18.2009 | New DoveZ Demo - ready for Vista/7

There is a new DoveZ - Demo, which works on Windows Vista and Windows 7. It contains low resolution videos and the first two levels of the full game.





11.16.2009 | New Patch 1.6 - fix for Vista/7

Finally there is a new Patch, that fixes DoveZ for Windows Vista and Windows 7! It removes the "DirectX 7"-error and registers the missing dx7vb.dll. Now DoveZ will save all files in the application directory and I modified the video-playback. Everything should work now.

Dove still doesn't work with Vista/7 because I lost all of the code. There need to be a full remake of the game to run it. Or maybe a hacker will find a way.