DoveZ - The Second Wave

Creator: Intergenies
Language: English, German
Release: 2004
Genre: Arcade Shooter
Platform: Windows 95 - Windows 10
Downloads: 2617
SHA256: DCDB9C00E61621BC67A3BCCC336C02A82320CA8B23536FD4D159D7DCEC432297
SHA256: 9A57DE73395656D5136F31F1CA8A04B39D3F9E8DA2EBE62E049FFC14575BC55B


2D-Arcade Shooter for casual gamers and veterans.
Choose one of two totally different player ships and fight your way through the incoming alien attack to save the human race. A lot f features are waiting for you. You can see more in the trailer or in the gameplay video.

To celebrate 15 years of DoveZ we are selling the game here for 0€ (limited offer) and release a new patch (1.7). It will fix a crash on Windows 10 and it will rebalance the Super Nova of the red ship: after using a Super Nova you will no longer lose a full option, but all weapon upgrades for this option.


Known Problems

The videos sometimes are not playing correctly. Try to switch between window- and fullscreen-mode. If this is not working, you have to install a codec to play XVid Videos.


There was a world, which let the sun shine. In the action of the global coalitions and all world power, the earth has been saved from alien invasion. Project DOVE was successful. After war, the ship has been transported to zone 4. The sun broke through the clouds until the day, when the world should know, that this war is not over. Writing the year 2157: The science passed big improvements. But are we ready to challenge against the unknown ? The technic opened us the way to the stars. The earth is under secure by many orbital stations. Old legends tell us that the end of the human being is near. But we are still feeling save. During that, the work at Zone 4 in the lost Mountains have been continued. An ambitious scientist and his faithful assistant developed two outstanding, flying war machines: called D-Phyton and D-Tonator. There is only one daredevil test pilot who might control those ships. Anyway, he has no choice. The worst case becomes true and he has to take place in one of those flying thunderbirds. Project ‘Dove.Z’ will decide whenever we will stay alive - or not. Your task is to fight the enemy! For human being - for the earth - to win!



To know more about the secrets of DoveZ click here.

Here are a list of secrets and lessons learned in all the years:

  • Playing in the game in the window-mode will give you a funny quote in the title of the window. They are partly from our users in the old forum we had. :)
  • Pressing F11 will blow your horn.
  • Pressing F11 and 1 at the same time you will skip a level (but you will lose all your points).
  • Pressing F11 and 2 at the same time you will be invincible for a few seconds (but you will lose all your points).
  • Pressing F4 will show the hit-points of the enemies (a DOVE homage).
  • Playing through the game many times will change the game:
    • After the first play-through you will get a bonus level in the options menu named jungle. It's the level that was part of the demo.
    • After the second play-through you will get a bonus level in the options menu named space and a animated ending and a bonus ending. Space was our test-level for the Gamescom.
    • After the third play-through you will get the Bleistift bonus level. It was there to test the limits of our level-editor.
  • The was a planned third ship with a complete different mechanic. In the levels you would collect gold and upgrade your ship in a shop between levels. There is a way to check some weapon systems we designed for this ship. If you start the game with the parameters -Skip -Level Level1-1 Skyfight, you will get two dialog boxes and have to press cancel in the second one.
  • Never trust a publisher. Publish a game by yourself on steam or other platforms.