Laser V1.14 (Freeware)

Creator: Markus Kauto Madeja
Language: German
Release: 2000
Genre: Puzzle Game
Platform: Windows 95 - XP, Windows Vista - Windows 10 (in compatibility mode)
Downloads: 5097
SHA256: 774C4587148807113801146157952789509C90E9DE269CA538A5463E1D81D4B7
SHA256: 66453C28A3A11F52CEFB00178714F710C23A8C611373D39F336C1AE3C8701DEF
Download Horror-Version
SHA256: 6E7862F10CF0C2425406E49EC6DCD777166F90FA7D864501CBC8146B29BACDB6


A real nostalgic brain buster. No matter if you are in the office or at home. This game is the right one for some minutes to puzzle and struggle away.

Compatibly issues

It's still possible to play this on Windows Vista and higher!