About Us

Intergenies is a fresh and emerging developer-network whose first steps go back to school time of programmer and founder Markus Madeja. After some minor projects like the well known "Laser" and "Dove" Intergenies did some general improvements and took about 2 years for the first international and commercial release in 2004: "DoveZ - the second wave" which is the official sequel to DOVE.

After problems with the publisher our dreams and wishes were crushed and we parted ways. We found ourself in different parts of the professional world and in different lives. As DoveZ now getting over 15 years old, Markus Madeja created this page as a monument to the old times and everything that is somehow related to him.

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This website

This website is a monument to the old times and the new times to come. It's created with Laravel, AnimationVideo and a custom protocol that loads only json information between page flips. Everything is minimized and responsive to create a fast and fluid experience.

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